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Newly released 5 song Cd "Above You" is now available!!!

Above You ~

John Maslan's 5 song Cd entitled "Above You" is now available. To get a taste, you can listen to these songs by clicking "Listen" in the navigation bar. Have a listen and if you like it, please buy a copy in the store - we appreciate your support. "Above You" is available for purchase in a few different ways...

  • First - an autographed hard copy of it can be purchased right here on this site by clicking on the "Store" link in the navigation bar.
  • Second - "Above You" is available at all of John's shows.
  • Third - you can download part, or all of "Above You" from multiple web sources such as iTunes etc. by following the "iTunes" link in the navigation bar.


New Music ~

For the near future, John will be promoting "Above You". He'll follow up "Above You" with 6 singles and 2 videos a year, plus bonus material. Please follow the "Club 25" link for release information and scheduling.


Solo Shows ~

John will be playing more solo acoustic shows between shows with his backing band. The space left by the absence of his band will be filled with backing tracks recorded by John. The backing tracks will include light percussion and strings to keep it more full sounding while John sings and plays acoustic guitar solo. Shows will also feature guest musicians.

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